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Invest In Yourself

Do you want more out of your career, more out of your life, a bigger chance to make an impact?  Do you feel unsure where to start?  Join one of our Entrepreneurial CPA groups to start learning the skills you need to become an Entrepreneurial CPA. 

You don't have to be a CPA to join today, so what are you waiting for?


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Entrepreneurial CPA Group: Service

The Skills We Teach To Become A Successful Entrepreneurial CPA

We talk about the issues facing today's Entrepreneurial CPA- and how you can overcome them.

It's essential that you develop a love of learning in order to achieve success as an Entrepreneurial CPA.

C3 Evolution Group enhances your current accounting knowledge in order to help you succeed.

Vision not only helps you stay focused, it also prepares you for obstacles that may be in your path.

To be a successful Entrepreneurial CPA, you need to focus on what keeps you motivated.

Anyone successful in the accounting field must have flexibility- in work and life.

Collaborating with peers and colleagues ensures you will succeed together.

It's not failure if you keep trying. As a CPA with an entrepreneurial spirit, you keep forging forward.


Group Meetings

  • Monthly 60 minute conference calls to drive innovation.

  • Focus on the eight key skills critical to evolve into an Entrepreneurial CPA.

  • Connect, support, and learn with your peers across the country.


  • Group membership includes a free two hour assessment and goal setting session with one of our experts.

  • Access to our member only content from our entrepreneurial partners.

  • Support you need to evolve into a successful entrepreneur.

  • Access to our members only LinkedIn Group including exclusive content.

  • Free yearly membership to Prolaera.


  • $250 a month (50% discount) for those less than 5 years out of college.

  • $500 a month for those 5 years and more out of college.

  • Private coaching is available upon request at $300 an hour.

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