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Value Pricing - Succession Planning - Employee Engagement - Value Proposition

New Pricing Models for Today's Entrepreneurial CPA

Value Pricing: Learn how to deliver real value to your clients with this new pricing model

The team at C3 Evolution Group understands the challenges of staying competitive in today’s accounting world.

We can help you understand this new pricing paradigm and how to successfully deploy it to your clients.

Historically, billing hourly carries its own difficulties. However, as your firm moves into more advisory services, billing by the hour simply does not work.

These projects require a lot of planning, action, and execution. Our Value Pricing model ensures you and your team will be getting paid what you deserve.


Not only will you be compensated fairly for your time and effort, your clients will be presented with top-quality work.

Our value pricing model enables you to be paid top-quality fees for top-quality work. No more billing hourly and rushing through to make sure you complete work within the agreed upon hourly rate.

Contact us today to start talking about how our Value Pricing Model can help your accounting firm!

Succession Planning For Your Accounting Firm

Working with firms to execute a plan to ensure future success.

When senior partners are looking to retire, they often wonder how they can ensure their firm will remain profitable without them at the helm.

C3 Evolution Group implements succession planning for accounting firms every day- and understands that succession questions are at the forefront of every firm.

Many accounting firms aren’t sure where to start when it comes to succession planning. We can help you navigate the process and build a plan that will ensure future success.

The experts at C3 Evolution Group identify what makes your firm and its people unique. By understanding what sets you apart from other accounting firms, we capitalize on these characteristics to safeguard sustainable profits for years to come.

We create a plan specific for your firm that will retain maximum value and ensure your legacy is protected.

Contact our team today if you have questions about succession planning. We can help guide you and your firm throughout the process and ease the transition into retirement.

Building Your Accounting Firm With Engaged Employees

Employee Engagement: Focusing On One Employee At A Time

Employees are the driving force of success at every accounting firm. That is why it’s so important to engage your team.

When an accounting firm employs quality people with functional working relationships, success is inevitable.

At C3 Evolution Group, we specialize in helping firms everywhere engage and build their ideal team of employees.

An effective team of people streamlines workflow and helps keep employees focused and content.

Let us help you identify the best way to engage your workforce and drive the success of your firm.

Identifying Your Value Proposition As A Successful Accounting Firm

Value Proposition: It's Time To Define Your Why!

We can help you identify and understand your value proposition so that you can define a purpose for your people and clarity for your clients.


If you feel like nothing sets you apart from all of the other accounting firms around, it’s time to change that.

How you perceive yourself corresponds to how clients view you and your firm. You want clients to know what makes your firm stand apart from the crowd.

If your team has a unique sense of purpose, it translates into employee empowerment and higher-end client acquisition.

Your potential clients should be clear on your purpose and how your team is different than the rest.

Let us help you define your why so you can maximize your profits, build a better team, and attract better clients.

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